Small treasures : orange salad, Sicily

I love it when foreign cooking shows you a totally different take on an ingredient you’ve known forever.
This Sicilian orange salad is an excellent example of that. I had it with a plate of local cheese and have been recreating twice since we came back. Oranges are seasoned with seal salt, oregano, dried peppers, red onions and excellent olive oil. It’s so simple yet so good, and I would never have dared to mix oranges and olive oil.
I guess traveling do indeed broaden your horizons!


  • Reply December 15, 2013


    That’s a real yum – healthy and looks so delicious! I’ll make one for a dinner tomorrow ad I’m having some guests :).

    • Reply December 15, 2013

      The Voyageur

      @Agness great! I hope you’ll like it 🙂 Don’t be shy with the seasoning, like all things Italian it requires a generous amount of everything!

  • Reply December 15, 2013


    Mmmm…that looks delicious. An odd combination of flavors, but if the Sicilians say it tastes good, I would definitely be willing to taste it. 🙂

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