Wanderlust : feeling like a glamping trip 1/2

Traveling a lot means spending a lot of time searching the internet for places to stay. Sometimes it’s even that special hotel or home that I found that dictates where we’re gonna go. That’s why I wanted to introduce that new Wanderlust section, to share my discoveries and make them a little more useful, since we’ll never be able to travel enough to experience all of them!

I have been organizing my summer holidays lately, and, as I much as I enjoy city-escapes during the rest of the year, I always feel like summer is more the time of nature and adventure (probably because of those many holidays spent in our trailer with my parents…see the proof above!) . This makes me wanna look for out-of-the-box accommodation and gorgeous landscapes. Glamping (a combination of glamour and camping) feels like a good answer to these fantasies. On glampinghub.com you can search through 7000 options of “luxury outdoor accommodations” all over the world.

Sounds good? I’ve bookmarked quite a few: tents, tree houses, bungalows, vintage trailers, you name it!Here’s the first half of  the selection, you can click on the pictures to get more details.


High-end Cotton Canvas Tents in Agafay Desert Near Marrakesh, Morocco

I’ve already done some camping in Egypt, but it wasn’t THAT nice. Plus, snowy mountains in the background of a desert landscape is a personal favourite.



Sophisticated A-Frame Cabin Above Bass Lake, California

I’ve been dreaming about Andrew Geller’s beach houses lately, so any geometric wooden structure looks like a good holiday option. An A-frame cabin is absolutely exotic for a French girl like me. and I love that this one has airy, modernist interiors.


Luxury Geodesic Domes in Patagonia, Chile

Real camping looks a little rough in Patagonia, I feel I’m more of a luxury geodesic dome kind of girl you know. Gotta be comfortable to enjoy seeing those lamas.



Glamping Retreat in Southern Spain

If you live in Europe and don’t feel like going halfway around the globe, Spain and Portugal are definitely the best bets for stylish options. This small retreat, with only five tents, in an orange orchard in Andalucia is simple but gorgeous. (Moroccan wedding blankets+giant pool: those people know how to work me).



Secluded Eco-Lodges Near Lisbon, Portugal

These bungalows remind me of the cool one we had when we went to Meco a few years back. I love the idea of the biological lake (eco-pool?) and the architecture that blends in the nature.



1960s Trailer Set in California’s Sierra National Forest by Yosemite

This looks like a decent tribute to the trailer holidays of my childhood. This is also probably cuter! I confess that the Yosemite background is a nice upgrade.



Large Bungalows in Tropical Vegetation of Bahia Region of Brazil

We’re more used to see this kind of accommodation in tropical countries like Brazil, still, this was looking too tempting no to include it.


Tents Perched on Top of Naukluft Mountains with Spectacular Views, Namibia

I like the fact that this one is going for something a little bit more surprising than the usual “safari decor” you usually see. The black structures and the golden landscape are really impressive, and so is the idea of a midnight bath under the stars…



Relaxing Tented Resort in the Mountains of Alicante, Spain

What I really like about all these options is the feeling of exoticism you get…even if you’re only in Spain! (and they know the way to my heart with those pretty ceramics)



Unique Treehouses Overlooking Bandhavgarh National Park, Central India

Glamping had to rhyme with Kipling, obviously. I guess the tree houses keep the tigers at bay, unless they can climb up…can they?



Renovated and Original Desert Homestead, California

The amount of Joshua Tree pictures on my instagram feed kinda of created a need to go there. This desert cabin looks pretty cool, in a Robert Altman’s 3 Women kind of way.glamping11

Beachside Cabana in Tulum, Mexico

Nothing wrong with a classic, right? This might not be the most original option in the glamping portfolio, but this is a very convincing one.



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