Just Paris : Rice & Fish restaurant

If you didn’t think the adjective “gorgeous” could ever be associated with fish you have to visit this place and let yourself be deliciously proved wrong. I mean, it is, gorgeous. I’m by no means adventurous when it comes to sushis, but here I’ve been seduced by things I wouldn’t even have thought of ordering : an eel maki, really? Everything I ate there tasted great, fresh and unique. On top of that the mood is relaxed, the American chef is quite charismatic, the waitress looks like a young Emmanuelle Béart and the light is great. Should I even add something about the Matcha cheesecake?


Rice & Fish, 22 rue Greneta, 75002 PARIS. The closest metro station is Réaumur Sébastopol.
There’re actually two restaurants side by side, one where they prep the sushis and the other one where they cook the hot dishes. Both restaurants serve the full menu, so no worries.
I haven’t tested the hot dishes yet, but it will soon be remedied.
Special thanks to Lydia for making me discover this address!

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