We’re in Rome: “what are we doing in a modern art museum?” you might ask. Well, to be honest it wasn’t the initial plan. We were supposed to go to the Galleria Borghese, but its was closed because of a strike. Bad luck I know, but there was a silver lining cause Plan B turned out to be quite rewarding.

There is something quite stunning about this pompously named “National Gallery of Modern Art”. I’ve visited quite a few museums of modern art, but this one felt like my all-time favourite. First, the selection is great, but more than that it was the display and the dialogue between the paintings and the sculptures that really amazed me. It was really putting the art in perspective and adding sense to the all installation, you weren’t just looking at one painting, but really contemplating the entire room and how things were playing with each other.

It’s even worth visiting the museum only for the gallery that leads to the entrance of the exhibition, it hosts a semi-permanent installation by Alfredo Pirri that consists of a broken mirrors floor on which neo-classical statues are displayed. The game of reflections with the sculptures, the columns, the huge windows and the curtains is just one very bold reinterpretation of Antiquity aesthetics.

The National Gallery of Modern Art hosts the biggest modern art collection of Italy.
The museum’s website.
Don’t worry we still went to the Coliseum. But, if I must say one more nice thing about this place, it’s that there were barely anyone there because, well, everybody’s at the Coliseum, and let’s be honest, being almost alone in a gorgeous museum is really priceless.


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