The place : Nonza beach, Corsica

I had read somewhere that Corsica had this rough untamed beauty. I feell that the black beach of Nonza is a fine demonstration of that theory. The water there is rather cold but the mysterious color and the imposing cliffs bordering the beach are totally making up for it.
Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean sea. It is relatively “untouched” by mass tourism, especially in the Northern part of the island.
Nonza is located at the Northern tip of Corsica, in a peninsula called the “Cap Corse”.



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    Such a gorgeous photo..! I’d love to visit there someday.. xo akiko
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    Corsica holidays

    I discovered today your website via Fathom in the top 24 listing of the best blog 2016!Congratulations! I like The Voyageur a lot and will follow you!
    Good Surprise to see that you already came and visit Corsica where we live : we hope that you keep good souvenirs! Nona is a good choice for illustrating the wild and preserved views of the island!
    Happy New Year!

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