The mood : Emmaüs, Château-Gontier, France

Countryside charity shops, not unlike Parisian flea markets, are generally a good place to take nice pictures, but not so much to actually buy something. Even, if, well, there are still treasures to be found  there, but on that day that wasn’t the case. This vast Emmaüs store – more like a warehouse really – was quite fun to walk around. It had a big outdoor area with all kinds of glassware and ceramics who had been freshly washed off by the rain and when we arrived, and an indoor space filled with furniture halfway between country and 70’s styles. The corridor with all the old velvety couches displayed in an improbable chiaroscuro was a personal favourite….

Emmaüs is a charity that could be the French equivalent to Oxfam.
Château-Gontier is located in the North West of France, in the Mayenne region, 250 kilometers from Paris.

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