The good spot : Casa do Xico, Sintra, Portugal

You know the scenario: you find yourself in one of those ultra touristy historic spots and you wonder where in hell you’re going to eat since it looks like there’s only “tourists restaurants”. Oh, and I might add that the weather is still pretty nice outside so you don’t really feel like going inside that cavernous restaurant that’s supposed to be “so authentic”. And then you get lucky.

At Casa do Xico there’s a terrace, but it’s small, so you don’t feel like it’s been designed to cater 50-people-groups, the menu is short and full of fresh seafood and the service is both friendly and efficient.

We had some seafood rice, served in a pot like any good hearty Portuguese dish, which had that simplicity and freshness that I love about the way Portuguese cook seafood. There’s fish, shrimps, crab, mussels, tomato, coriander, onion and rice, and it tastes like a home-cooked meal, like if my mother were Portuguese!

Casa do Xico, Rua Arco do Teixeira, Sintra, Portugal


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