Feels special : the Hindu temples of Sri lanka

As you make your way to the North-East of Sri Lanka, hindu temples start to appear. They felt different than those I had seen in Kerala though, here the bright colours were more washed out and more than often the temples were under construction.
I’m always swept away by the mystic atmosphere around hindu temples, the smells, the colors, the sculptures, the mysterious ceremony which is always going on: it works every time. I realize that its purely because of my European -and well, French- origins and that there is not greater cliché than to speak of how irresistibly spellbinding these parts of the world are, but I do completely fall for it.
Today we’re looking at two temples in Trincomalee where we spent a lot of time looking around, trying to capture the incredible details and patterns.


11,6% of Sri Lanka’s population was hindu in 2001.

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