The place : Rhodes Aquarium, Greece

This just looks like it’s from a Wes Anderson movie, right? And wait, it’s actually called the Hydrobiological Station of Rodos , even more Anderson-y, don’t you think?
The rounded and pastel building was built by the Italians in the 30’s and its front door is adorned with sculpted lobsters, seashells and other marine cephalopods. There’s even a large concrete octopus above the back entrance. Yup.
The aquarium itself is quite modest in terms of size, but gazing at the weirdly scary paper mache sharks and trying to get a glimpse of the mischievous Octopus vulgaris might entertain the 8-years-old boy inside you…


The Aquarium is on the Northern tip of the island, and Rhodes town, on Platia Enidriou.


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