The mood : London in April, United Kingdom

I’ve had very contrasted experience of London in April and I guess neither fall in the “normal” category. I went there three years ago and it was 25 degrees and felt like…Manhattan! This year was another story, spring was nowhere to be seen and it actually snowed. To be truly honest, I’m much more familiar with the cold scenario in London, I never manage to go there when it’s hot, so it’s always about getting my hands on the warmest Aran knit I can find and admiring the infinite resilience of the British against crappy weather. Because, you know, the Parisian climate is sooo different.
Anyway, that time we stayed in Shoreditch and wandered around the evergrowing East London.

Fancy a Nissan Figaro, a velvet couch and some cabbage?


  • I was just in London last week and it was actually quite warm for fall, felt SO strange!

  • Reply January 29, 2014


    I lived in London for almost four years, it never gets hot! April can be iffy because of all the rain, but summers are so temperate compared to NYC.

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