The mood : Seville in May, Spain

Seville is a sophisticated city of simple pleasures.
First there’s the sun, the glorious Andalucian light feels generous, even in winter. The shade becomes  just as precious as the temperatures rise, might it be provided by a straw curtain or an orange tree. Can you imagine a city whose streets are lined up with fruit-heavy trees? Fresh orange juice is like water there, cheaper even, and always delicious. In the end I guess it’s the gardens that I loved the most, the city is full of them, public and private, they’re romantic yet elegant and filled with statues and flowers.
They sure know a thing or two about good living there…

Seville is the largest town of the southern Spain region of Andalucia.
We went to Seville in May, but I believe it’s a pretty good destination almost all-year round. I hear the summer months are dreadfully hot though, the sevillanos told us that only the Italians and the Japanese seemed to be able to handle this kind of heat!


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    beautiful. one of my favourite cities!!

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    Such gorgeous photos! The lighting is awesome! Your photos makes me miss there so much. xo akiko
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