The place : Trincomalee market, Sri Lanka

At the risk of boring my husband to death, I never miss an opportunity to visit local markets when on vacation. If the destination is exotic it's generally more about looking than buying. The Trincomalee market is rather small, but quite nice since it's not crowded and totally bearable in terms of smell (those of you who found themselves on the wrong side of a fish market know what I'm talking about). It was also a good opportunity to finally buy some mangoes, since there were nowhere to be found in our hotel menu, apparently the good ones weren't ripe yet. We settled just fine for the so-called bad ones.
Trincomalee is a port town on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.


  • Reply November 5, 2013

    The Husband

    Come on ! Markets are boring.


  • Reply November 6, 2013


    lol, I love markets too. but I can’t get the mister to come along either. there might be dead fish….

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