Brought back from : Tremezzo, Italy

Dried chili peppers

It’s virtually impossible not to bring back food from Italy. I generally at least hide a piece of Parmigiano in my luggage, despite my husband’s worries that his books might  be…hum…perfumed (None of that happens, they’re carefully wrapped, I’m not that reckless). I have no Italian cheese from Italy to photograph today because we ate it all, ha! But I have those little dried peppers. They might be small -around one centimeter long- but they are fierce. I never put more than two in any dish, which means that the small bag I bought is gonna last me some time!


I bought the dried peppers in a small grocery store in Tremezzo which was selling a lot of good stuff, especially some locally produced pesto. The store doesn’t show on Google maps because it’s in a small alley, behind the restaurant Azalea, on the via Statale.

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