The mood : Koskinou in July, Rhodes, Greece

The small village of Koskinou was full of good surprises. Who would have thought that fifteen minutes away from Rhodes town there was such a charming and uncrowded place?

The main particularity of the village is its neo classical houses that looked like nothing I had seen before. Some of them were quite in ruins -which I actually liked- but a lot of them had been restored in a beautiful and authentic way. We learned that Greeks from the mainland had been buying houses in Koskinou for a few years now, renovating places that had been abandoned for a long time. What was also surprising was the size of the old town, it was not only a street or two, but really a rather vast maze of little streets. It’s mostly residential so there’s no souvenirs shops to disfigure the sights, unlike in Lindos, which make the exploration really feel like one!


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