The good spot : Zooba, Cairo, Egypt

After spending a week eating chicken in the desert, eating at Zooba felt like a good twist on tradition.
Here egyptian street food is given a well-deserved modern treatment, with a laid-back atmosphere, an industrial-meets-homey decor and brilliant graphic design. The menu includes classics like Koshari as well as renewed staples like spinach and beetroot pita bread. The place is famous for its dips that come in glass jars that you can bring home if you didn’t manage to finish them.
I felt it was especially great that a place like that could exist in Cairo, I like it when going to a hip restaurant doesn’t mean weird designer chairs, purple lighting, bad music and westernized food. Hurray for Zooba!

They have a fun Instagram project that encourage people to take pictures of the many items on the menu.
Zooba, 26th of July Street, Zamalek  (and also, Citystars, Heliopolis and Road 9, Maadi)

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