The place : Majestic hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Big hotels aren't my thing, yet I have a small weakness for historic, landmark-like hotels. That part of me who likes to feel like a diplomat/a spy/an actress lost in translation was seduced by the colonial flair of the Majestic. Need I say that it has counted Catherine Deneuve and François Mitterand among its guests? Even if the interiors have been modernized quite a bit since its golden age, some of its magic is still is the air. The vast hall, the maze of crystal-lit corridors, the humid air in the courtyard and the view on the misty river from the balconies are part of what makes it special still.



I guess I should also mention the rooftop restaurant, I have a very nice memory of having the best lemongrass chicken there while enjoying a gorgeous view over the city.
Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, it was called Saigon until 1976.
The Hotel Majestic is one of its historic hotels, it was built in 1925 in French Colonial and classical French Riviera styles.

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