The mood : Lecce in August, Apulia, Italy

My love story with Lecce was not really supposed to happen.

Yet, as they say, “love will overcome”. We were staying in Ostuni with no car (as usual!), so not exactly close by, and it was early August​, that dreadful time of the year for visiting anything in Italy. But, sometimes the stars do align, as it turned out that there was a train station in Ostuni with a direct connection to Lecce, and that our host was kind enough to drive us to the station, making the all thing quite easy. Add to that the relatively “cold” yet sunny weather (around 25 degrees, which was rather unusual) and you get great conditions!

The town was totally empty (probably due to the infamous “siesta) and a white baroque delight. They say the stone is so tender there that the sculptors could freely execute elaborate shapes known as “barocco leccese”. As a result, there is a general mineral and delicate feeling to the streets, apart from sudden bursts of flowers and vegetation here and there (quite spectacular on a white background).

If you feel that baroque is a little bit too heavy and pompous for your taste, I’d say that Lecce is the lighter take on it that might change your mind!

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