The Voyageur X Octaevo : episode 4

When you’re French, the Mediterranean sea you learn to know is pretty much a crowded jewel. Riviera stretches of land that have to be put to use, no matter what. That’s a slightly different song on the opposite side of the shore, in Marsa Matruh, in Egypt.
The journey from Cairo to the Siwa oasis is not only peculiar by its lenght but also by its curious itinerary which is far from a straight line and allow you to stop halfway for lunch in Marsa Matruh. It’s the time you bid adieu to the sea before going head-on into the desert and not seeing water before hundreds of miles.
Matruh is a seaside resort, but it felts like a rather empty one on that November day. The shores seemed so endless, both inside and outside the town that you’d think to yourself : “will they ever manage to really occupy this stretch of land?”. The flat silhouette of the arid plain and the low white buildings made it feel more like an outpost than a touristic destination. As we exited the town, we saw the countless high-walled villas lined up on the shore, freshly built and almost identical. It seems the Eyptians, like our own Riviera millionaires, like their privacy.


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