The landscape : a lake in the desert, Egypt

What could be more dreamy than water in the middle of a sea of sand?
With the water so still and the silence that goes with the desert, you can bet that it felt a lot like a mirage. Even more so after spending a day and a night surrounded only by dunes.
There must be some kind of magic to these landscapes because each time I go through my pictures of Egypt I’m moved by the beauty of every corner of this arid land. So simple, yet always different…


Get mesmerized by the desert.

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  • […] We left for a first “desert” adventure the next day, with our driver, guide and cook: Nasser. He showed us the great beauty of the Western Desert, grilled us some chicken and set up our camp. I am far from being a natural born camper, but sleeping under the stars in the silent desert was the kind of experience you want to have at least once. The next morning, on the way back, he took us to a hot spring in the middle of desert and to this gorgeous lake. […]

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