The good spot : Il Paninetto, Milan, Italy

We’re in a classic scenario of this “the good spot” section: this is the center of Milan, it’s indeed rather touristic and the big superstores lining the street scream more chain-pizza than slow food.

Yet we’re in Italy, which means that there must be excellent food right around the corner, right?
In fact, on a little street perpendicular to the big Via Tonino, there is is small and very busy panini place called Il Paninetto, and I can tell you right away that sandwiches are a very serious business here.

The options on the menu seem rather endless and cover all things Italian, from cured meats to seafood, cheeses and vegetables. It is indeed very hard to choose.
My husband ordered the one pictured above that was filled with eggplant and mozzarella among other things. Since I couldn’t pick only one I went for their trio of mini sandwiches that involved one with homemade meatballs with tomato sauce, one with stracciatella and anchovies and one with mortadelle and gorgonzola.
This was delicious! Even the bread -sometimes a source of disappointment in Italy when you’re French- was crusty and delicious.



I can’t remember the exact price, but it was definitely affordable and in any case cheaper than if it was in Paris!
Il Paninetto, Via San Maurilio, 4

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