The scene : lunch at Fahmi’s garden, Siwa, Egypt

This is the house of Fahmi and his British wife Julia, and if you call ahead you'll be able to enjoy a wonderful meal in their garden. Almost everything on the table had been grown around us and the rest was very much local: a fresh salad with pomegranate seeds, mashed sweet potatoes with date syrup and goat cheese, bricks, grilled vegetables and olives. They were both beyond lovely and they even took some time to give us a little tour of the garden after our meal was finished.
The Siwa oasis is divided into two types of zones : the built areas which are rather rocky and sandy and the green areas which are called “the gardens”. What might be surprising for us visitors is that the Siwan people don’t live in the “gardens” even if they seem much more pleasant  because of the vegetation (I guess  irrigation and mud houses don’t go together so well). Fahmi and Julia built their house in the middle of their own garden, which is actually quite rare in Siwa.
 Sweet potato is very popular in Egypt, they sell hot ones on the street and they eat it with sugary toppings like date syrup.


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