Graphic tour : Marrakech, Morocco

When you’re French, Marrakech tends to be seen as an “obvious” destination. The fact that most Moroccans speak our language has drawn a large quantity of French tourists to Marrakech, making the city quite touristic.
As always, going there off-season allows you to enjoy the city’s marvels even more, and what marvels! Having travelled since to more austere part of the Middle-East – like Cairo or Istanbul – I now realize how opulent Marrakech is. It’s really the epicurean and colorful face of Middle-Eastern aesthetics, much like in a Delacroix painting! The abundance of riads and palaces among the city ensures there’s always some delightful decor around the corner.


I would really recommend going there in October, when the weather is a balmy 25 degrees during the day, with a gorgeous light, and colder at night, which guarantees you’ll spend the evening in front of a chimney fire. Going there during the week and not on week-ends might also be a good idea if you wanna stroll through a surprisingly peaceful Grand Bazaar, with no hassling at all….

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