THE MOOD : Istanbul in March, Turkey

When hearing about Istanbul I used a picture some oriental metropolis, bathed in golden light and in a palette of warm earthy tones. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The mood was much more cold and discreet. I was imagining palaces covered in gold to the point of being rather tacky and ended up being amazed by the refinement of the Topkapi Palace: walls like geometric marble marquetry, in subtle half-tones, with gold touches used  wisely. The slav influence is also surprisingly strong, with fragile pastels and wooden houses scattered here and there. The city is built on seven hills – like Rome – which means a scenic view is always around the corner.

The average temperature in March is 7 degrees Celsius. There’s actually snow in winter, I believe it must look incredible, despite being probably quite a challenge in all those steep streets!
The Topkapi Palace was the primary residency of the Ottoman sultans for around 400 years, it’s a bigger than life group of buildings  and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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