The mood : Vietnam in November

Back in 2009, Vietnam was our first big trip overseas. I had heard nothing but good things about it and indeed, it did not disappoint.
We landed in Ho-Chi-Minh City and quickly headed south to embark on a 4 days cruise on the Mekong. Once in the very south of the Delta we took a boat to Phu Quoc island and spent a week there before heading back to Paris. I was enchanted by the sense of quiet and gracefulness everywhere we went: in the delicate foliage, on the printed pajamas of the ladies at the market or in the kindness of the people…Go there!


The Mekong is definitely a big selling point.
If, like us, you choose to take a boat to Phu Quoc, be sure to take a very big one. Those three hours on a rather small speedboat were a nightmare!


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    I just love your photography!

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      The Voyageur

      Hi @andi ! Thanks again 🙂

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