Feels special : University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil

Wondering about what it might be like to study at the other end of the world in brutalist buildings? Welcome to the Universidade de Brasília.
I was expecting it to be either clean and cold or brutal and beat-up, but certainly not that strangely idyllic. That soft air, that tangerine ground, the cascades of flowers everywhere…was this real?
The main building, designed by Niemeyer, is the seven hundred meters-long Central Institute of Sciences. It offers beautiful perspectives and is literally filled with sunlight and vegetation. It opens on a vast campus panted with giant trees and scattered with modernist buildings (and also nondescript ones, thankfully!). It’s a great place to walk around and offers a different view on Brasilia’s famous futuristic look, one that’s a bit more lived in and, weirdly, bucolic.


We went on a Saturday and the grounds were blissfully empty except for a few lovers sitting in the grass and an impromptu meeting of the cinema club, but go during the week if you feel like seeing the place buzzing with students.
Enlist…or just go there.


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