Panorama : churches of Palermo, Sicily, Italy

When visiting Palermo, I devoted half my energy trying to get into churches. Since their opening hours can be a bit hectic, and it’s not really the kind of info you find easily on the internet, and since, in the end, this is Italy and nothing’s ever set in stone when it comes to open or close (for better or worse), you’ll understand how this could become a goal in itself.

I’m not generally that into visiting churches, but once I had seen a couple here in Palermo, I knew I had to see more. I was so taken by the splendor of the architecture, by the refinement of the marble decor, by the dramatic chiaroscuro and the magnificent state of decay of some of them…because that’s the thing, more than once the ones that I really loved were those a little bit off the tourist-recommended list and therefore weren’t freshly repainted with immaculate white ceilings.

I like my Sicilian baroque with a little bit more soul, if you don’t mind.

I haven’t been doing a really good job noting the names of the churches we went to, but on the pictures on above I can at least tell that there’s the Monreale cathedral and the Martorama (both very famous)…if you recognize any, fell free to tell me!


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