Brought back from : Sri Lanka

Patterned Lungis

I had already brought lungis from Kerala, but here in Sri Lanka the patterns were completely different which meant I absolutely had to have some (one of them has already been transformed into a dress, the rest will come in handy at some point, I’m sure). They’re rather cheap and don’t take that much place in a suitcase, so I guess it makes sense to buy them in batches. Anyway that’s what I tell myself!

Two wooden bowls

I don’t know what’s the name of that wood, but I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of looking at its amazing patterns.

Way too many things from Paradise Road

There’s a shop in Colombo called Paradise Road which felt like and exotic version of Flamant (only way cheaper). I could have bought everything but had to limit myself to a canvas tote, two ink blue coffee cups, a perfume burner and two hand-printed cushions.

Stones from Pigeon Island’s beach

On the east coast of Sri Lanka, there is a tiny island which is also a National Park. We went there by boat to do some snorkelling and, since we didn’t bring our cameras there, those strange stones are the only proof we actually went.

Paradise Road’s stores locations

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