Art trip : Centrale Montemartini, Rome

You’ve been in Rome for a few days now, everything is desperately beautiful, Antiquity is at every corner: you need a small change of scenery.
What about Classical sculpture in an industrial setting? (what did you expect, this is still Rome, you can’t escape statues here! I even suspect that sculptor was THE most popular job for a long time)
Here comes the Centrale Montemartini, a former Thermoelectric Centre converted in a museum since 1997. The factory background is a simple trick, but I have to admit that it works quite well. We’re used to see these statues in bright white rooms, that here, the shiny yet dark surroundings makes them feel very different.


The museum’s website.
It’s a little bit on the outskirts of Rome, so I would suggest to take a taxi or to be prepared to walk along a raher monotonous road for quite some time. 

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