Feels special : Palmenhaus restaurant, Vienna, Austria

I just got back from Vienna and the first thing I’d like to highlight about the city is how green and relaxed it is. Needless to say that the exceptionally balmy and sunny weather we had really emphasized that, it seemed that there were people lounging in the grass everywhere we looked!

The Palmenhaus is located is one of these gorgeous parks. The park may look good but it’s the 128 meters-long Jugenstil greenhouse that houses the restaurant which takes the cake. Only the center of the structure has been reconverted, the sides still retain their original function and are filled with exotic foliage and tropical butterflies. As you might have guessed, it makes for a pretty impressive setting. Add pretty good food and efficient service to it and you’ve found yourself a sweet spot to get into the city’s slow rhythm.


The website.
The Palmenhaus is inside the Burggarten, right behind the Albertina museum.
You can also eat outside, but it doesn’t feel as great!

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