Paradise search : The guesthouse, Vienna, Austria

When I saw the handsome doorman I knew things were gonna be smooth.
While searching online for an hotel in Vienna, I had this vision of a somehow classic hotel but couldn’t bring myself to book a true “classic grand hotel”, because, you know, they often have bedspread issues (I’m not gonna elaborate here, but come on, let’s ditch those awful flowery things). There were more modern options too, but they felt too cold and didn’t match my Viennese fantasies. See, in my mind, to do the Viennese thing right, you needed to have that touch of shiny brass combined with sleek lines.

You get that at The Guesthouse. The codes of a century-old hotel, but in a boutique-sized, freshly re-designed building.

As if the doorman wasn’t enough, they threw a welcome sweet on top of it. This gets me every time. Note the handwritten card, a very nice touch.

A very welcoming bed after a day of walking through the city.

We found this little relaxing fragrance to spray on our pillows when we got back from dinner. Lederhaas is a local organic perfume brand. And yes, this is a Carl Auböck bookend. (I’m a big fan of the Wiener Werkstätte designer, check it out if you don’t know about him).


The all-white marble bathroom with its frosted glass sliding door was pretty impressive. The clean lines and the functional feeling reminded me of German design, but here there was definitely a more glamorous touch.

I have a weakness for Molton Brown toiletries. I discovered the brand at the Witt Hotel in Istanbul a few years ago and have been faithful to it since.

theguesthouse_vienna_thevoyageur05 theguesthouse_vienna_thevoyageur06
I feel good lighting is crucial in a hotel room. Here, once you get used to the multiple switches, they get it quite right.

Touches of brass everywhere. I couldn’t be happier! I feel this really warms up a modern interior.


Graphic design is ridiculously good in Vienna. In the hotel all the signs were carefully designed, from menus to do not disturb labels and newspaper bags.

Breakfast is served in a quiet jazzy mood at the Brasserie & Bakery on the ground floor. You can watch the cooks prepare pastries -or read the newspaper like a true local- with a good coffee and some pretty nice muesli.

I’m pretty sure good graphic design makes my german skills better.

We didn’t eat there for lunch and dinner, which means I didn’t get the chance to taste these beauties. Next time…

The Guesthouse Vienna is right in front of the Albertina museum, a truly handy location which allows you to walk almost everywhere.
 Not pictured: the comfy sofa and the much appreciated espresso machine in our room.

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