The place : Jerónimos monastery, Belem, Portugal (part 2)

Not that I'm keeping count, but this might be the most impressive cloisters I've ever visited. The huge scale, the all-white sculptures and the intricate decor made it very impressive.The soft curves of its Manueline style are like nothing else and typically Portuguese. It's funny to see how the whimsical details on each one of these columns are different, yet the whole remains very harmonious and symmetric.
The Manueline style is the exuberant architecture style of early 16th century Portugal. It was mainly financed by the spice trade and inspired by the faraway travels of Vasco de Gama and Pedro Álvares Cabral.
Belem is easily reached by tramway from Lisbon, as you get off you notice they’re an impossibly huge building on your right, guess what : that’s it.
By all means try to come when it’s not too hot since the white stone plus the lack of shadow might turn this delight into an ordeal.
Remember part 1?

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