Just Paris : Institut d’Art et d’Archéologie

One thing you can say about Parisian architecture is that it rarely feels out of place, over-the-top at times, but rarely eccentric in terms of style. Call it the “Haussman pressure” if you want.
Then, of course there are a few exceptions, and that makes them even more precious.

Like the incredible building of the Art and Archeology Institute, whose gigantic red silhouette strikes you as you exit the Jardin du Luxembourg.
Is it a Moorish citadel? Did we leave Paris? Cause I could have sworn I was by the Medici fountain a few minutes ago!

The building was erected in the late 20’s by Paul Bigot, and truth be told I don’t know if he was aiming to do such an exotic impression, but it’s funny to see how the red brick, typical of Northern Europe Industrial Era, is somehow given a Middle Eastern look here.


The place is also called “Centre Michelet” and is actually a part of The Sorbonne university. You would of course have guessed that studying Art and Archaeology in Paris requires a proper decor!
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