In situ : Yodokô Guest House, Ashiya, Japan

The view is great, the spring breeze is pretty nice and the architecture is full of surprises: I’m on the roof of Frank Lloyd Wright’s last remaining private residence in Japan, the Yodokō guest house.

Of course I’ll post more pictures of the house later, but today I’d like to point out a detail in that photo (apart form the satisfied look on my face). Do you see the pile of slippers behind me?

It’s because visiting the house, pretty much like going inside a temple, requires leaving your shoes at the entrance and putting slippers on. But you wouldn’t want to step outside with those, don’t you? So, as you step on the roof terrace, you find a collection of plastic sandals to make the switch.

Every shoe has its own territory. My mother would definitely approve!

Ashiya is 45 minutes away from Osaka by train. Stop at Ashiyagawa or Ahiya and walk up the hill to get to the house.

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