The place : 45 via San Vittore, Milan, Italy

I'm just back from Milan and the first thing I feel like talking about is definitely how wonderful is the architecture there. You can tell straightaway this is a city of architects and a place where modernity goes hand in hand with refinement. Look at his incredible building in the South of Milan: there is gold, velvet, crystal, precious wood and lush vegetation like in any classic palazzo, except it's done on a condominium scale!


This kind of masetria is something you particularly notice if, as a Parisian, you’re used to seeing the most awful 70’s buildings all-around town. (with a fe wgood looking exceptions of course….but they tend to look out of place in Paris!)
The building is on 45 via San Vittore, close to the Magenta S.Maria delle Grazie tramway stop.

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