The view : Itamaraty Palace, Brasilia, Brazil

So, I'm back from Brazil! This was my first time in Latin America and somehow a big change from what I've seen before, even if there were obviously traces of Southern Europe to be found. We did a pretty varied itinerary that showed very different faces of this impossibly huge country and I'm eager to share and discuss it with you, since, after all, even with all the big events going on there, the country has roughly the same amount of tourists per year as...Belgium. I'm kicking off the addition of Brazil in my destinations list with a picture from the Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia. Surely you will agree that with that kind of view in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' building, we're off to a pleasant start.



Brazil welcomed 6 millions tourists in 2013 and was expecting 8 millions in 2014. To put in perspective, Mexico has around 24 millions and France 84 millions.
The statue is called Gêmeas and it’s from Alfredo Ceschiatti.
The Itamaraty Palace was designed by Oscar Niemeyer (expect to hear about him a lot) in 1960.

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