The details : Kyoto, Japan

I could obviously go on for a long time about that unmistakably Japanese trait of carefully nurturing imperfection. In Kyoto I found it as much in the worn-out silk of a prayer cushion as in the speckled stone of a tomb or in the gracious arrangements witnessed at the Tenji-San market.


More pictures of Kyoto here.

Je pourrais aisément louer pendant des heures ce trait si japonais de soigneusement cultiver et célébrer l’imperfection. À Kyoto, je l’aurais autant vu dans la soie doucement élimée d’un coussin de prière que dans la pierre merveilleusement mouchetée d’une stèle ou dans les arrangements aux hasards gracieux du marché de Tenjin-San.


Plus de photos de Kyoto.


  • Reply July 7, 2016


    Wonderful photos. I love capturing the details.

  • Reply January 12, 2017


    This photo series is so quietly beautiful…like you’ve captured some lost moments in time. I am going to Japan in April and your posts have made me twice as eager and excited.

    I was curious about the camera you shoot with – Sigma DP Merrill. I’ve heard some mixed reviews but your photos just look consistently stunning. Do you also edit the photos for composition, etc., before posting? Or are these typically the quality/raw images? Apologies for digging…I’d really love to create a photo series for my trips similar to the style which you’ve created here.

    I adore your blog, please keep the destinations coming 🙂 x

    • Reply January 12, 2017

      The Voyageur

      Hello Robyn,

      Thank you!
      Japan in April, how lucky 🙂

      To answer your questions, yes the DP Merrill is not the easiest or most accommodating camera around. It lacks a lot of the features of most cameras (zoom, quick autofocus, good low-light performances). When the conditions are right though, it can produce great images.
      The file do need to be post-produced with a software like Lightroom to look nice.
      I now use a DP Quattro which is an upgrade of the Merrill and is slightly more “all-terrain” and whose pictures need way less retouching.



  • Escute com cuidado suas conversas durante dia.

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