That’s what you call a place that’s “worth the trip”.
It’s the kind of landscape that feels futuristic and prehistoric at the same time, peaceful yet tormented.
As you drive through the dunes and the rocky mountains the White Desert unveils delicately, leaving signs here and there: white stones scattered on the ground,   lunar silhouettes in the distance and finally everything turns immaculate and you find yourself in the middle of a petrified white sea. It’s like a moving sculpture, evolving with the light and the clouds, all in a supernatural silence. And, when the sun finally sets and the moon rises, it’s a surprising perpetual dusk: black nights must be very rare in the White Desert.


The White Desert is located in the Western part of Egypt, four hours away from Cairo by car.
At night you may  find out that you are not alone after all, as a ballet of scavenging Fennec foxes starts under your eyes. No worries though, they’re absolutely harmless and surprisingly puppy-like.



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