In situ : the donkey cart, Siwa, Egypt

You can’t tell from here, but managing to take a picture from a bumpy cart is quite a challenge. But, hey, you have to ride one of those while in Siwa, only to realize that just a few years ago there were no cars or motorcycles in the oasis, making the donkey the main mean of transportation. Now of course motorized vehicles are quite common, but there’s still a lot of donkeys around. The decoration of the cart and the donkey itself is sometimes a sight to see. The one from today was a nice example -remineded me of India!- I ‘ll have to post some details shots someday, to  show you how sophisticated it gets!


I know you’re wondering “where are the camels?” isn’t it supposed to be THE number one desert ride ?
Well, we asked, and it turns out that camels aren’t doing so well in Siwa, they get sick, it’s not the right environment for them, hence the donkey monopoly.

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