In situ : lake Vembanad, Kerala, India

I had a few good reasons to look so blissful. First, I love canoe rides, I can’t explain why, but it makes me ridiculously merry. Secondly, I just had a fantastic ayurvedic massage at the Purity spa, hence the red dot on my forehead and on my throat, and last -but not least- the sunset light on the lake was just a pure delight. Little did I know that a few minutes later our fisherman friend would take us to the top of one of the Chinese fishing nets you see behind me. Let me tell you that you best remember your yoga balance exercises once your walking barefoot on a twisted branch 3 meters above the water…


Vembanad lake is the largest lake of the state of Kerala.
Kerala is located on the Southwestern tip of India. It’s famous for its backwaters and its peaceful way of life.


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