Feels special : Palazzo Mirto, Palermo, Italy

If you fantasize about how it must have looked to be unreasonably rich and on top of everything baroque in 18th century Palermo, then Palazzo Mirto is the place to visit. I’m talking floor-to-ceiling decor in a de rigueur Sicilian chiaroscuro, with each room looking more grand and mysterious than the previous one.

The only issue, really, is that taking pictures is forbidden, which is not very Voyageur-friendly.
If you’ve ever been in a museum in Italy, then you know that there’s forbidden “but I’m too busy hanging out/hitting on/debating with my colleagues to really check” and forbidden “I’m gonna follow you everywhere and take you to a dark alley/kick you out/give you the death look if I catch you”.
Unfortunately it was the latter, but since I ain’t no rookie when it comes to photo-stealing, and I had an accomplice, I managed to take a couple shots. Still, I feel a bit frustrated about it since the place was really impressive and quite faithful to what I had in mind when picturing the infamous “Sicilian opulence”.

Palazzo Mirto, Via Merlo 2, Palermo

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