Brought back from : Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

Ortigia Orange Blossom body oil and Fico d’India room essence

I’ll admit that I first fell for the packaging. Those two leopards come from the mosaic I didn’t get to see in the Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo, so let’s say it was some consolation to bring a version of them home. Then, there were the scents, all coming from Sicily’s core: Neroli, Almond, Ambra Nera, Orange Blossom, Coral Shell, Fico d’India…enough to keep dreaming about the island for a while, at least until I empty the bottles.



The brand is sold worldwide and online, all their ingredients are natural.
In Syracuse you can buy the products in Le Antiche Siracuse, Via della Maestranza 12. 
Oritigia is the name of the small island which is the historical center of Syracuse. 

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