Happy 2015!

For once it is sunny here in Paris on January 1st, this definitely looks like a great start for this new year.
I’d like to wish you all a fulfilling 2015, may it grant you the energy to be curious and to explore, to see and to appreciate all that is great around you!

On my side I will try to keep you entertained with more pictures, drawings and insights on what makes traveling so precious. Nothing’s boooked yet for 2015, but it looks like South America and the Middle East are in the cards for the first half of the year. I cannot wait!

I won’t sweep 2014 under the rug so fast though, this was a great year of travel with Vienna, Japan (twice!), Milan, Southern Portugal, and the French Landes on the menu. This means I still have a lot of pictures to show you! This was also the year of really discovering Japan for us, we really fell for the country and I’m so happy to be able to share our experience since I feel it’s a destination that remains largely unknown and unseen.

See you soon!

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