The place : American museum of Natural History, New York, USA

At this point I've already admitted to visiting aquariums so I guess you won't be surprised to find me in awe in front of stuffed animals. To my defense, the display of the Mammal halls -that's the official name here- of the Natural History museum of New York is quite impressive. There's numerous dioramas like the one above and all are strikingly realistic. The whole thing might feel like a quaint field trip at first, bur pretty soon you find yourself quite amazed by what you see through the windows.
The African Mammal hall -in which you can find the Black rhino above- is said to be the most remarkable of all. It also bears the name of Car Akeley, the explorer, conservationist, taxidermist, sculptor and photographer who helped making it happen. Imagine the awe of the public when they opened in 1936, this was the closest thing to a window on Africa’s wildlife. 
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    That is incredible.

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