The good spot : Pedi beach, Symi, Greece

The quest for a beach that suits you can sometimes be a complicated one. In fact, I’m lazy and my feet hurt just thinking about it. And I’m not talking to you people with car benefits -even if I may imagine that the exploration radius that goes with the vehicle makes the quest even more intimidating- but about us un-motorized people. Let’s not even talk about the preliminary investigation, trying to patiently examine the map, cross-checking with Google Maps, wondering “could there be a beach there?”, “Might this be a sand one?”, “Is there a road or is it just a cliff?”.
No, let’s just skip that part.

We’re on Symi, a tiny Greek island, which is in fact so small that most tourists here don’t even rent a car. This sure meant that beaches would be easily reached, right? Well, a quick research revealed that most of the island’s beaches could actually only be accessed by boat, but that we were not to worry since there were some taxi-boats in the harbor doing exactly that.

Sound perfect, huh?
Well, turned out the boats’ schedules were especially tailored for you to be able to fry to death, something like get there at 12 and leave at 4. Tourists do like it hot. Since fried stuff isn’t really my thing we had to find an alternative.

So, here comes Pedi beach, which is the only beach of the island accessible by land, like, with a road going there. That’s already a big quality, but to understand how precious this place actually is you must realize that this island has been pretty wealthy for a while, which didn’t fail to attract even more wealthy tourists, turning its harbor in a not-so-relaxed and quite busy place. It’s all pretty and chic at first, but soon you start to miss you know…Greece.

That’s where Pedi, and its beach, shines. There’s a simplicity to it that just feels right.


You can get to Pedi by bus from the main town for something like one euro.
Symi is part of the Dodecanese islands.
Here’s Pedi, viewed from our apartment’s terrace.


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