Feels special : Turkish cemetery, Rhodes, Greece

The town of Rhodes is full of surprises, and not only in the Old Town.
I knew the island had been under Ottoman rule in the past, still the place above came off a little bit as a surprise.

We’re in the middle of what they call the “new town”, which was built by the Italians in the 30’s. We’re looking for the cemetary but only see a city block which looks either in ruins or under construction, that ain’t very clear, with no visible entrance. After circling the place, we figure this must be it and enter through something that looks like a construction site. Pretty soon someone’s yelling at us in Greek…unless maybe it’s Turkish and he’s just talking. Well, we can’t really tell, but decide to go inside anyway.

Despite being a cemetery the place is quite nice, with the slim silhouettes of the graves gracefully lined up under the trees. Most of the tombstones are crowned with beautiful turban-shaped sculpture and the all place is a little bit in ruins, but still looking pretty good for a place that goes back to the 16th century.

That guy at the entrance was the guardian, and he was indeed Turkish, since from what we understood Turkey is still in charge of the site.

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