The mood : Palermo in November, Sicily, Italy

I had been told Palermo was as authentic as they come, I had even been told that I might not recognize Italy. Indeed, it sure felt like some remote and exotic version of it.
The atmosphere of the city is just totally spellbinding.

We arrived at night -which is how it should be done everywhere, if you ask me- and were instantly taken. The busy streets, the penumbra, the intricate silhouettes of the balconies above our heads, the warm air. The more passionate moments for me are usually the firsts, when every detail seems enchanting and you’re in a hurry to take it all in. Let’s say that Palermo made a good first impression.

She wasn’t looking too shabby the morning after, well, actually she did, but the good kind of shabby. I tend to find decayed grandeur quite irresistible, and you get plenty of that here. It’s true that there’s a lot of renovations going on, but the old town is still rather ruined, to a point that made us wonder more than once about all that untapped potential. It’s crazy to see how un-touristic the city is, most of the time it’s actually kind of a struggle to find a terrace to have a coffee in the old town. I know, details, details.

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