The scene : a picnic in Kotmale, Sri Lanka

I'm always amazed to see how well the British managed to export their chic phlegm overseas. When I saw that our hotel offered to organize picnics by the lake I jumped on the occasion : a picnic in Sri Lanka, how charming I thought. Except this isn't exactly good old England. It started brilliantly though: the pretty little basket, the checkered blanket, the bottle of wine, the peaceful water buffalos, the beautiful scenery... We were young and naive then, laughing at our driver when he said: do not go in the grass, there are leeches! Litchis in the grass we joked! Let's say we learned our lesson that day: if you feel like a picnic in Sri Lanka, wear closed shoes and stay on the goddamn blanket.
This is happening at the Mas Villa, which is a gorgeous place by the way, but come on, don’t go in the grass with your sandals!
The leeches are actually quite small, yet unpleasant like any blood-sucking animal.
Apparently leeches weren’t enough because I later decided to go swim in the lake and got stuck in 40 centimeters of mud on my way back (only because of my own recklessness). Don’t ask.


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