The scene : on the early ferry to Rhodes, Greece

Every time I read about holidays in the Greek Islands they made the island-hopping part sound ridiculously easy. That makes me wonder if I'm the only one browsing the more than often obscure boat companies websites only to find out about schedules that never seem convenient. It's bad, yet somehow kinda good in some ways. Let's take that particular boat ride from Symi to Rhodes, I don't need to tell you that I wasn't pleased by the fact that its departure was programmed at 6:30 a.m. Yet, upon embarking, I was forced to recognize the weird charm of the half-lit bar area, with its velvety seats and its sleepy passengers. It looked like an odd cruise on sleeping pills, something David Lynch would approve! I was in for another delight once I found the courage to get on the outside deck. The white morning sun was shining on what looked like an empty boat, making everything glisten. Next time I'll think twice before complaining.
The Symi-Rhodes boat trip is actually a rather short one, something like an hour and an half, getting from one island to another usually takes way more time.


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    Hello!i am from Greece and you are soooo right!!!next time thought I will be on a boat 6:30 in the morning I will have in mind that David lynch idea and laught about it!

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      The Voyageur

      @Anthi haha! great, glad to help making the early wake a little bit more fun 😉

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