The scene : a sunset walk, Kuchchaveli, Sri Lanka

Most of the hotels where we stayed in Sri Lanka had a naturalist. I believe that the abundance of wildlife and vegetation, as well as the eco-oriented Sri Lankan tourism call for that type of measure (I had never seen that before). This person is in charge of keeping an eye on the hotel’s natural surroundings as well of any nature-related activity.

At the Jungle Beach Resort, you could go on a walk every evening accompanied by the knowledgable naturalist. You would walk along the beach and to a pond inside the jungle and then climbed coral-colored rocks to watch the sun set on the Indian Ocean. He would tell you about the elephants, the spotted deers and the leopard who come by the pond every evening, but not on that day, because it’s too hot right now he would say.

We only saw the animals’ footsteps, but that was incredible enough to know that a mere ten minutes walk away from our bed, very wild life was happening.

See more of Jungle Beach on the blog, and on their website.


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    That reminds me of Costa Rica, the majority of the country is nature preserves and I believe a large portion of the population works in ecology, nature preservation, and nature tourism. We had a similar experience to your animal footprint experience. We were on a tour of the jungle and ran into a couple who told our guide about a large black cat that was following them – turns out it was a baby jaguar! We tried to find it with our guide, but no luck.

    • Reply March 29, 2014

      The Voyageur

      @Erin Yeah, I heard Costa Rica was pretty impressive in terms of wildlife! I do’nt know if I would be up for that “there’s a crocodile in the backyard” experience 😉

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