The mood : the Old Town, Rhodes, Greece

In the middle of the scorching Greek summer, wandering the narrow streets of Rhodes’ old town doesn’t sound like a pleasant option. Sure, the combination of hot old stones and tourist crowds seemed like a be turn off, yet one early morning we decided to give it a go.

Doing so we learned at least two things:
– Rhodes’ tourists are big on beach related activities, not so much on archeology. The city was awfully quiet (especially in the morning, of course) and the museums were empty.
– Rhodian architects knew a thing or two about beating the heat, who would have thought these little streets could be so airy and (relatively) cool?

But, more importantly, it looked great: a little medieval, a little oriental, a little neo-classical. Plus, it is quite vast, enough to wander and get lost a bit.
Isn’t it what those old places are for?

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